28 December 2012
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What is a Curriculum Vitae (CV)?


Curriculum Vitae (CV): is a brief outline of a person’s educational, training and professional history, typically specifically prepared for job applications or higher education as most universities request. 

A CV conveys the personal details of the applicant in the most clear and effective manner. In other words, a good CV is a good marketing or sales pitch about You, the applicant, in which you are marketing something: really, yourself, you are trying to sell yourself for a hiring manager that is supposed to trust you for a complicated job! This means, whatever you have, has to be sold. Your skills, abilities, training, certificates, education and of course and most importantly, your past experience…

There is no one best or correct way to write a CV. Every person is different so every CV should be unique and different. A good CV is a one that portrays your skills in the most effective and influential manner. For instance, one way you can highlight your capabilities is by showing the extent of responsibilities you had in your previous jobs. The  more and complicated duties you had, the better. It shows that your previous employer trusted you for the job.

Let’s give a specific example here. Say you worked as a store manager in a clothing company. An effective way to show the extent and depth of your experience is to write your duties in the CV as follows:


> Managed store activities, personnel, and supply chain

> Increased revenue by 300% during my service, mainly due to more efficient human resource allocation

> Maintained excellent relationship with suppliers and negotiated great discount for different stocks

> Reported financial and operational results to key stakeholders and the board of directors


The above points show the successful role you played in numbers (i.e 300%) and also showed that you worked closely with senior management. As well, it shows that you had strong negotiation skills and ability to optimize the supply chain.

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